Tombstone Hearse: Updating a Classic


The concept of taking a Victorian-era horse drawn hearse and substituting the horses with motorcycle power was conceived early in the year 2001, while at “Bike Week” in Daytona, FL.  There at Haugh Funeral Home on display was their horse drawn, hearse coach, with hundreds of motorcycles sitting right across the street. “Wow. what if you could put them together?”  But as with any idea, the concept was the easy part of the equation. However, making an elegant, durable, safe, technologically advanced, Victorian-style hearse towed by a three-wheeled motorcycle would take much more thought and research. Countless hours were involved in designing and the creation of a prototype hearse carriage. Much of the inspiration came from the “Black Moriah” a famed hearse coach that carried many folks to Boot Hill cemetery  including some not so lucky OK Corral shoot out gunslingers!  It now sits on display at the “Bird Cage Saloon” in Tombstone, Arizona.

Horse Drawn Tombstone hearse

But with all the features and glory derived in building the coach, even more effort was needed to mate and harness the V-twin power of the motorcycle trike. Hitch placement, weight factors and balance were foremost for the handling characteristics because it had to work safely on the highway. Of course the body design had to compliment the classical 19th century hearse styling. All this craftsmanship was put into place for one purpose, to match the styling of both the old and new and somehow bringing them together as a show quality vehicle for alternative funeral use.

In conjunction with the prototype being built and being tested, the formation of the company was started. The name for the company was  inspired  by the Black Moriah’s home of Tombstone, Arizona. After that, trademarks and patents were applied for and three production units were started. In early 2002 the fledgling operation known as Tombstone Hearse & Trike publicized its intent to provide an alternative to the standard motorcar hearse of today.

clearcreekConceived with the idea of consistently providing a better than first-class product that has no equal, Tombstone Hearse & Trike has continued with this objective to be the best at what we do. We have continued pursuing this objective through our years. This mind set is even more important to us today as it was in the beginning. We continulaly strive for excellence and industry leadership. This goal has gained Tombstone Hearse & Trike an outstanding reputation in the death care industry as a manufacturer that delivers a quality that far exceeds our customer’s expectations.

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Tombstone teams up with veterans to build replica of Lincoln’s Hearse

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1865-2015: 150th anniversary of the death of President Lincoln

Jack Feather of Tombstone Hearse in Tombstone, Arizona and PJ Staab of Staab Funeral Homes of Springfield, IL teamed up for an historic project.   The organized the building of a replica of the funeral coach of Abraham Lincoln. The very large and decorative hearse had been destroyed by fire long ago.  Jack worked with Eric Hollenbeck and his students at the Blue Ox Mill School for Veterans in California. The unique vocational school for combat veterans, built the box for the hearse. The metal castings and the wheels were also fabricated by veterans. The replica is magnificent and will be the center piece of the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s death and funeral. Visit page Jack Feather Tombstone Lincoln Hearse project leader


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