Differentiate and Personalize

Two key business development tactics are important to your business: 1. Differentiate Your Business 2. Personalize Your Service. With Tombstone you can accomplish both. Funeral Directors are buying Tombstone Motorcycle Hearses and growing their business.

Dwyer HarleyMichigan Memorial Funeral Home

Michigan Specialty Funeral Carriage

"The Tombstone hearse is also the most photographed (and possibly the most remembered) part of every funeral for which it's used. We've never seen anything quite like the reaction it gets." We have served families at funeral homes all over Michigan and as far away as Indianapolis, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio."  

Brunswick servicespicBrunswick Memorial's 

RIP Motorcycle Hearse

"Our custom built Tombstone Hearse provides a totally unique, yet dignified ride for your loved one. For those who want to take their final ride in the same way they lived, to make a statement, or to simply honor a special life, a Ride In Peace Service is a totally unique and special way to say “Good-Bye.”  

Harris tombstone_hearse and horse drawnHarris Funeral Home  

Johnstown PA

Harris' Tombstone Hearse is available to other area funeral homes. "Being part of the motorcycle culture is a big part of many riders' lives. In honor of that passion, Harris Funeral Homes offer a distinguished alternative to the traditional hearse and funeral procession: The Tombstone motorcycle-drawn hearse. Your loved one's passion for riding does not have to end when they pass."       

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