Why own a Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse?  

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  • Marketing Power 
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Sound Investment
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Marketing Power: 

Provide a unique and memorable service that is featured by local and national news media.  The buzz started in March 2002 at "Bike Week" in Daytona Beach, Florida, Jack Feather, the founder of  Tombstone Hearse and his company gained international exposure when they provided the Farewell Ride for the late Karl "Big Daddy Rat" Smith, the impresario of the famed Rats Hole Chopper Shows. Many articles about the infamous promoter taking his final journey in a motorcycle-powered hearse across the streets of Daytona appeared in motorcycle magazines all over the world. The legendary Farewell Ride was also covered by CNN and The Travel Channel.

Competitive Advantage:  

Peter Kulbacki, owner of Brunswick Memorial Funeral Home and a Tombstone Hearse customer said it so well  "No two snow flakes are alike and no two people are alike."                                                 In fact there 21 million veterans,  twelve million motorcycle enthusiasts and over 4 million police and fire fighters in this country. In addition, people are very passionate about their interests and not constrained by strict tradition. These days people and families of all backgrounds want something personal and distinctive for their funeral or for a special loved one. David G. Loy of Omps Funeral Home in Winchester, VA said "half the people who use the hearse-motorcycle do not ride bikes. “They like the Victorian-style hearse,”  journal-news net

Sound Investment:

Tombstone builds the world's finest motorcycle hearses for leading funeral directors.   Tombstone Hearse & Trikes is an SAE Certified Global Vehicle Manufacturer. The  motorcycles are customized and assembled in the Tombstone shop. Tombstone's custom enhancements make them beautiful, durable and safe. Tombstone provides the marketing tools and practical training so funeral directors can provide a consistent, high level of service that the Tombstone brand promises. This network is expanding year by year. Tombstone trikes and coaches are hand built in a SAE Certified Vehicle Manufacturing facility and the motorcycles are customized in the Tombstone shop with enhancements that make them beautiful, durable and safe. The team takes pride in their work and they strive daily in the pursuit of excellence. Building the best is always the standard and exceeding expectations is the goal at Tombstone. That goal is as important today as it was in 2002. IMG_1465
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