Day second of shelter-in-place below in The golden state where I live, one of the states hardest hit with the coronavirus. As my infant boomer other half said the other day: “Awakening to one more day in Coronaville.”

“Coronavirus.” “Pandemic.” “Shelter-in-place.” “COVID-19.” “Social distancing.” “Self-quarantine.” “Stay-at-Home.” “Lock-down.” “Isolation.” To believe just a plain month ago these words were not part of our daily vocabulary. People putting on masks, empty grocery store racks, incessant hand washing, travel bans, shut colleges, working from home, and a plunging stock-market.

This is our brand-new typical.

On Thursday, the guv of California issued a statewide remain at house order in an effort to quit the spread of COVID-19. Since today, five various other states have done the same. Basically, that implies remaining at home with the exception of going to the store, checking on family members, mosting likely to the physician, or working out outdoors (as long as you remain six feet far from everybody). Institutions and all non-essential businesses have actually been shut. If that information wasn’t alarming enough, the guv likewise alerted that 56% of California’s populace goes to threat of obtaining the coronavirus. Currently, there’s a sobering thought.

United States baby boomers – especially those ages 60 and also older – well, it ends up we’re the vulnerable ones likely to become seriously ill from this infection. Although we really felt young, tough, as well as unyielding when we first read about this pandemic, it looks like boomers are ultimately bearing in mind. Which’s a good thing.

Not to be an alarmist, but may I make an idea? If you’re a child boomer over the age of 65 and not in self-quarantine or seclusion, you ought to seriously consider it, even if it’s not presently called for where you live. That is most absolutely the situation if you have underlying health problems. I recognize, I know. Self-quarantining had not been exactly on your pail checklist and also we boomers are accustomed to energetic as well as social lives. But consider what occurred in China as well as what is occurring in Italy and also Spain right now at a spectacular rate.

Transmission of COVID-19 is extremely contagious and shockingly very easy to send. Now, medical experts are telling us that the infection can survive on surfaces for as much as three days. Younger ones may not also be symptomatic, so family members or good friends can transmit the illness without also recognizing it. Presently, according to the Centers for Illness Control and also Prevention (CDC), the incubation duration (the time between when you get the virus as well as your symptoms begin) for the unique coronavirus is in between 2 to 14 days after direct exposure.

The claiming, “much better secure than sorry” has never been even more true. Okay, lecture over, however please take care, my friends.

So, what can you do if you’re like me, stuck at house, to obtain your mind off all this mayhem?

Before I detail 10 points you can do if self-quarantined, keep in mind to stay secure, but remain calm as well as positive. While we require to take this virus seriously, do not stay glued to the TV enjoying doom as well as grief report. Rather, focus on the many reasons most of us need to be grateful. At the end of the day, recognize that you were given another opportunity to see the daybreak, identify something you have actually accomplished, or make note of a person you are appreciative to have in your life.

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