Surprising automotive events

What do races and motoring events are associated with? Probably with spectacular routes, obstacle courses, competition, but most of all with breathtaking cars. But does everything have to be standard? We will show you how the most surprising races and rallies (not necessarily car ones) are conducted.

Not only modern vehicles are able to catch the attention of rally fans. Cars considered to be scrap metal also do well. Carefully groomed, renovated, arousing admiration and often pleasant memories.

Cars in the scrap metal rally

The owners of “scraps” make an effort to be able to impress the audience with the charm of cult cars. The cars of the past years, which are now rarely seen on Polish roads, take part in this rally. It is worth adding that for the machines announced as “scrap metal”, these cars are perfectly adapted to driving.

From that moment on, the enrolment procedure is launched. The participants take the risk of travelling on their own – the organizers do not support the rally drivers. The routes are not controlled in any way, and people taking part in this rally travel thousands of kilometres at their own expense.

Wreck Race – a race on your own responsibility

The Wreck Race is an ideal event for car enthusiasts – not necessarily a standard event. The competition lasting two days is attended by cars over 15 years old. The point is that appearance does not count here; on the contrary, the more “worn out” the car, the better.

The organizers may not allow all vehicles of a dozen or so years old to participate in this competition due to their value. Also the Fiat 126p model and the four-wheel drive car cannot take part in the competition. Participants form their own team, which they can freely name – the crew is a driver or a driver with a pilot.

Racing with a mower – Extreme Lawnmower Racing

Lawn mowers – devices that help to tidy up your garden – are hard to come by in the end and it’s hard to get out of the way of admiring that they can be used in races! As you can see, it doesn’t matter what – it’s important that it has a drive! It’s a lot of fun to drive on muddy tracks, and that’s what the material above is all about.

It would seem that the mower is not able to achieve too much speed – nothing could be more wrong! 20 hp lawn mowing equipment can reach speeds up to 80 km/h. It is important not to interfere too much with the appearance and performance of such a machine to be qualified in competitions.

Swamp Buggy Racing

An exciting race is not only about fast cars and interesting routes. Wet, even swampy terrain and unusual four-wheelers are also able to carry a huge stir among the spectators and participants. This is what Swamp Buggy Racing is like – a crazy race of motor vehicles.

The cars used in these competitions are a very interesting alternative to typical racing cars. It is a construction adapted to move on muddy terrain. Modified vehicles can cope well with traversing both dry and muddy areas, or even water. Also the dense vegetation in the water reservoirs, through which the racetrack is marked, is not a problem for vehicles used in this unusual discipline.

Red Bull’s classic soapboxes to start!

The popularity of racing “soapboxes” known from the Red Bull Soapbox Race is growing every year. So it is impossible to miss this event in our ranking. Racing in a self-constructed vehicle can bring many interesting experiences. Just building a car becomes a great fun for the participants taking part in this competition.

Models of cars that are self-prepared should meet certain requirements, namely they must be designed so that they can be turned and braked. “Soapboxes” should also comply with certain standards. The shape, weight and size are important – they must not have sharp edges and must fit into the canon of fixed overall dimensions.

To sum up, the vehicle must be spectacular and ingeniously constructed, and it should also move along the marked route, which can often bring many difficulties to participants. Great challenge, ingenuity, laughter, admiration, and sometimes also tears of joy – this is what accompanies the participants of this spectacular spectacle known all over the world!

Different types of competition, one goal – victory!

Unusual cars, which drive on the roads of designated routes, can often surprise you with their ingenuity. Not only the cars that are used by the participants of races or rallies, but also other elements of the competition may arouse considerable surprise (e.g. competition with a passenger on their knees in the form of a piglet).

In each competition, participants have to show, if not the creativity of the car builder, then cleverness or skills to get to the finish line taking the high place. The common denominator of all these events is great fun.


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